Toddler 2

  • Toddler 2

    Taking care of very young children involves more than just meeting their physical needs. Today caregivers see themselves as responsive professionals concerned about all aspects of children’s development. Creating an active learning environment for toddlers means consciously considering all their needs — their social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and sociolinguistic needs.  The classroom is safe, flexible, and child oriented to provide comfort and to accommodate children’s changing developmental needs and interests. Providing an active learning environment means considering  toddlers’ needs to look, listen, wiggle, roll, crawl, climb, rock, bounce, rest, eat, make noise, grasp or mouth or drop things, and be messy from time to time. 

    Beehive teachers are trained to stock the setting with a wide variety of materials toddlers can reach, explore, and play with in their own way at their own pace. Materials appeal to children’s senses and have varied properties (including wood, metal, and textured materials; found materials; natural materials). The storage of materials is consistent, personalized, and accessible so toddlers can reach or get to the materials they see and want to explore.

    The physical environment, in short, is secure and inviting. Within its boundaries, toddlers are free to move about, explore materials, exercise creativity, and solve problems.

    A daily summary of the project lesson is posted in the classroom. A project may include art, music, literature, science, cooking, dance, gross motor development, fine motor development, and language development. Children will go outside at least once a day (weather permitting) for outside play. On rainy and snowy days the children have access to our own GYM Room!

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