Preschool 3

  • Preschool 3

    The Pre-School Program encourages the child to explore and discover their world. The Preschool Program is rich with activities for the Preschoolers’ continued growth and understanding of themselves and their environment. Preschoolers are encouraged to work together as a group, gain a sense of individual responsibility, responsibility for their classroom, their classmates, and their community.

    The Preschool Program follows a project approach to learning. The project concept is derived with input from the class through webbing of ideas and concepts. The child then becomes interested and invested in the project. Learning is fun and challenging. Our goal is to prepare each child socially and academically for kindergarten. The Preschool Programs help children build their self-image and confidence, become problem solvers and critical thinkers.

    We understand that all children are different and we want your child’s transition to the Center to be as smooth as possible. We are open to working with you and your child to help make this process as easy and comfortable as possible.

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