School Age

  • School-Age

    Kindergarten Enrichment

    There is a morning and afternoon program to supplement the child’s morning or afternoon public kindergarten when he or she is not in school.

    Literature will be used as a foundation for many language arts, reading and writing activities.

    Math skills will be developed through math manipulatives, math games, graphing, telling time, using money and cooking activities.

    Science and Social studies involve interactions, observation and experimentation with the environment. Music, creative arts and computers are important components of the program.

    Children are encouraged to explore, experiment, and create. Independent work and cooperative work in small groups is encouraged.

    The Kindergarten Enrichment Program is stimulating, and fun. The Kindergarten Enrichment Program encourages the child to explore his or her world in creative and exciting ways.

    Before and After School Program

    The Center provides before and after school care for children in Kindergarten through Sixth grade. Homework assistance, art, outdoor play, computer, cooking, and science experiments are just some of the activities offered.

    Full Plan Schedule:

    Children enrolled in the Full Plan Schedule have access to the Center for the entire school year. This includes all vacation days and snow days the Center is open and the public schools are closed.

    Children enrolled in the School Plan Schedule have access to the Center only when the New Milford Public Schools are open. Children will not be able to attend the Center on days in which the schools have scheduled closings due to holidays or when the public schools are closed due to inclement weather.

    Parents have the option to sign up for additional hours when needed, provided there is space available. These hours are billed separately.

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