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    Our preschool program has seven dedicated classes
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    Beehive Children’s Center is where your child is encouraged to explore using his/her own imagination through hands on experiences and lessons where he/she is able to develop friendships and independence. Our children and families are supported in every aspect by the dedicated and loving staff. It would be and/or is our honor to have earned your trust and deliver you the best service in the community.
  • Other Activities

    My name is Stephanie Shaw, I am the afternoon teacher in the Preschool 4 room, and have been working at Beehive Children’s Center for about two and a half years. We are offering a once a week karate class for preschool students, school age children and our summer camp program.

    I have been taking karate classes twice a week for the past nine years and am now a second degree black belt. Besides taking my own classes, I have been working with three and four year olds, as the assistant teacher. I have competed in different sparring competitions and came in second place for The Best of the Best competition; which featured martial artist from throughout New England. The style of karate I study is a Korean style, called Tang Soo Do.

    Over the years of teaching and participating in karate I have learned that they’re many physical and emotional benefits to the sport. Physical benefits contain: improvements in coordination, strength, stamina, and balance. Karate is also one of the best cardiovascular workouts, strengthening your heart and lung capacity. Emotional benefits include: a boost in confidence (especially in shy children), an upbeat attitude, reduces stress, improves concentration, respect and motivation. I know from experience karate can benefit people in many ways, I was shy growing up however, karate helped me come out of my shell, meet new friends and even helped me improve my grades in school, now I am a sophomore at Western Connecticut State University. I am thankful I made the choice to begin karate and the positive impact it made in my life.

    Lynn Keyes, a lifelong musician, began studying music at a young age.
    After high school, she began her advanced studies at the University of Utah
    where she studied voice and California State University, Long Beach where
    she studied piano. In 1988, after establishing her family, she began giving
    piano and voice lessons in Brookfield, where she resides. In addition to
    giving music lessons, Lynn has held board positions for community as well as
    professional non-profit music organizations. She has served as accompanist,
    director, pit orchestra and choral conductor for community, school, and
    church events. Her enthusiasm and love for music is evident and her
    willingness to serve is endless. She is known not only by many adults in the
    community but the youth as well. It brings her great joy when she is out
    and hears a voice from the distance, “Hey…Mrs. Keyes!” Lynn, a mother of
    three, loves bringing the joy of music to children and their families.

    Dear parents,

    Here at the dawn of the 21st century, music is once again being
    valued as part of a well-rounded education. Researcher, teachers, parents,
    and educational leaders are all coming to the same conclusion: music makes a
    significant difference in the lives of children.

    I am excited to be teaching at Beehive to give each child a healthy music experience. The class activities will include singing, dancing, moving, listening, and playing small percussion instruments. The activities will progress and change with the needs of each class.

    In time and patience I hope to have a music recital for the families.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding music at Beehive or any outside music needs.

    Lynn Keyes

    Mental Health, Classroom, and Family/Child counselor

    Eliana Franciosa is our mental health counselor. Eliana is on site five days a week, providing our school with Mental Health Counseling, classroom counseling and family/child counseling. She is available to each and every parent on an appointment basis. She will also be monitoring classroom behaviors and making herself available to staff and families on a needed basis. She brings and extended variety of expertise and experience to the table; they include but are not limited to the following:

    Educational Background:
    -She is a psychology graduate
    -She holds a master’s degree in Psychotherapy
    -She holds a master’s degree in School Counseling
    -Pi Zamba Theta
    -Author of “Effects of Music on Violent Behavior in Adolescence”.

    We Encourage:
    -Family guidance
    -Family therapy

    Eliana’s top goals are to promote a positive mental well-being throughout the entire facility and program. Together with staff members and parents she hopes to encourage team like behavior with the common goal of making our children’s learning years as positive and productive as possible.

    Confidentiality is a top priority!!!

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